"Outdoor Living - Beyond the Pool..."

Get the Outdoor Living Area You’ve Always Dreamed Of…

Most of our projects go way beyond "just a swimming pool." We’ll take care of any aspect of your backyard dream, including:

Arbors, Pergolas & Cabanas

Would you like a little shade in your backyard area? An arbor or pergola can create a wonderful living area that stays cool and breezy, while still letting in plenty of light and fresh air. Pergolas are perfect for outdoor kitchens as they anchor your outdoor living space.
On the other hand, maybe you’d like an outdoor living area that you can use any time, regardless of the weather.  If so, a cabana may be right for you.

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Fireplaces & Firepits

An outdoor fireplace or firepit can be a great addition to any outdoor living space. It can be a focal point in which to formalize your outdoor living room. And everyone knows that gathering around a fireplace is a great way to entertain and visit with family and friends.

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Outdoor Kitchens & Grills

Nothing completes your outdoor room like the ability to cook without running in and out of the house all day and night. Do you like to barbeque, grill, smoke, bake, or deep fry? We’ll design the perfect outdoor chef’s station, just for you. Liquid entertainment? We can help with that too.

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Ledge Lounger Pool Furniture

Manufactured right here in Houston Texas, the Ledge Lounger is a high quality product designed to work in and around your swimming pool. From chairs to tables to chaise lounges to sofas and more, your backyard will always look elegant with Ledge Lounger on deck.

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